Assistant Front Desk Manager Job in The Weymouth Club (Weymouth Club)

Company DescriptionFor over 30 years, Weymouth Club has represented “More than Fitness – It’s a Way of Life”. Throughout this period, Weymouth Club has tripled in membership and doubled in size. Our facility is now an 11 acre state-of-the-art 200,000 sqft facility, with parking for more than 240 cars.Weymouth Club provides a year-round indoor/outdoor aquatic center with 7 bodies of water, 12 Hard Tennis Courts (of which, 9 are indoor year-round), truly exceptional fitness, tennis, aquatic, group exercise, mind/body, hot yoga and spa services, and a 12,000 sqft “Kids Energy Center”. The Energy Center provides child supervision, dance, karate, swim teams, birthday parties, a variety of camps in the summer, spring, fall and winter and lots of other full service children’s programming.
The most important and ever-present Weymouth Club resource is our outstanding team of wellness professionals whose mission is to promote the health and well-being of our valued clientele. All of our world-class, highly-trained industry professionals live and embody the following core values:
1. Results Driven We understand that achieving goals is an essential part of being successful.We understand and accept the responsibility to make a personal contribution to the success of the team and the club.2. Meet Deadlines It is an expectation that we will meet all deadlines and be organized in nature.We understand our business is driven by timing, which means proper planning will result in meeting deadlines.3. Communication is Critical Communication is vital for our member experience and our employees’ service delivery.It must be clear, polite and timely. We understand our two reception desks must be aware of all communication.4. Transparency in Success and Failure It is a responsibility of all team members to recognize the good of others, and most importantly to tell them so. It is also a responsibility to admit failings to your peers easily and openly.5. Optimistic, Happy, & Positive We create a positive, happy, purposeful workplace.Our attitude is expected to assist in the creation and maintenance of this environment. Bad days can happen but we must rebound from them quickly.6. P.E.R. Positive Emotional Response! We should always be striving to create a positive emotional response from our members. We strive to create a positive memory or story that will be repeated to others. Stories that are remembered are usually created from a personal interaction.7. Pursue Feedback We look for feedback and will not be defensive when receiving it from our members or team members.We will embrace a second chance to wow our members or team members and exceed their expectations.8. Best in the Industry We understand that continuing education & research will keep us on the cutting edge of our industry.We will always strive to know more and perfect whatever we do. We will share our knowledge with our fellow team members and learn from each other. We will always support our fellow team members, and we accept that all Weymouth Club associates are our team members.9. Meticulous Facility We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our facility.We understand that cleaning is everyone’s responsibility. We will all constantly assist in the physical maintenance of our clubs outward appearance.10. Humility We always respect one another and our organization.No single employee or contribution will hold more value than another. Our decisions are always based on what’s best for our organization.
If you are willing to embody and be held accountable to live these core values then we encourage you to continue with this applicant-friendly online employment application.Weymouth Club is an Equal Opportunity Employer that recruits and hires qualified candidates without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability or veteran status.Job DescriptionAssistant Front Desk Manager Job DescriptionThe Weymouth Club is looking for a dynamic person to join our management team! The Assistant Front Desk Manager is responsible for establishing and driving a team of service-focused staff that will set the tone for providing an awesome customer service experience here at the Weymouth Club!General Expectations
The Assistant Front Desk Manager (AFDM) is a full-time position at the Weymouth Club. The AFDM is expected work at the front desk and they are responsible for all desk associates to meet or exceed all communicated service, operational, promotional and financial goals.
The AFDM is to work along with the Front Desk Director, on constantly improving our customer service reputation with our members & guests.
The AFDM, along with the Front Desk Director, is expected to manage and develop all desk associates.
The AFDM’s schedule is TBD based on the needs of the Front Desk operation. A typical schedule may be Sunday through Thursday or Tuesday through Saturday. Weekends are required for the FDD.
During any training, transitions, vacation, and or absenteeism of desk staff, a different schedule may be necessary and flexibility is expected.
The Assistant Front Desk Manager shall report directly to the Front Desk Director.
As with all members of the Weymouth Club Management team, the Assistant Front Desk Manager will serve as Manager on Duty one week day shift every week, and one weekend shift once a month.
Outlook experience preferred
Tennis experience strongly preferred
The best applicant is expected to be team oriented and a fast learner
The Assistant Front Desk Manager and the desk associates under their direction are responsible to:
Embody all 10 Weymouth Club Core Values.
Be of service to members, guests, and staff at all times and are to treat members, guests, and fellow associates with genuine respect and care.
Improve the day of EVERY member (child or adult) who enters our building.
Ensure all desk staff are consistently greeting and bidding farewell to each and every member as they enter and leave the building with a happy, outgoing attitude.
Utilize impeccable telephone manners at all times, using the verbiage as directed.
Be able to multitask with poise and grace with no sign of stress or strain being shown to our members and their guests.
Exhibit the perfect balance between formality and friendliness at all times.
Actively promote and sell members and guest, Weymouth Club Programming, passes, tennis balls, court time, racquet stringing, lockers and any other products as requested by upper management.
Process transactions and greet at a quick pace.
Fully understand and implement the correct procedures for energy conservation on the tennis courts. (heat & lights)
Have a full working knowledge and the ability to fully understand and explain all Weymouth Club’s programming to members and guests and promote when possible.
Have a full working knowledge of tennis programs, court bookings, teams, clinics, Jr. Tennis programming, tennis camps and rules and procedures of Weymouth Club Tennis operations.
Stock and keep current all class schedules and informational flyers for every department for dissemination to members.
Maintain the security and privacy of our members both in the club and outside the club.
Monitor racquet stringing, intake forms, storage, dissemination, payments.
Follow up with member issues until they are resolved satisfactorily.
Follow all security protocols with regards to cash handling and POS operations.
Personal Responsibilities of the Assistant Front Desk Manager
Train, develop and hold accountable all desk staff to the levels of presentation, friendliness, etiquette, speed, and efficiency as set forth by ownership and upper management.
Professionally manage verbal conflict, complaints and customer satisfaction to the level expected by ownership and upper management.
Always be timely and set the example of a professional appearance to all desk staff. They are to hold all desk associates accountable to be timely and uphold the presentation levels as expected by ownership and upper management.
Manage locker checks in all locker rooms weekly to ensure only VIP lockers are used overnight.
Complete bi-weekly maintenance report on the women’s locker room
Maintain inventory and presentation of food products sold at the front desk
Maintain and keep daily communication book updated.
Complete a front desk training on applicable skills bi-weekly
Maintain the communication of who is MOD, membership staff on duty, and notes to desk staff alerting current day’s special events.
Enforce monthly desk schedule and monitor requests for vacation.
Keep Phone Directory current.
Write bi-annual reviews for desk associates.
Job Type: Full-time