Mentoring Internship Coordinator Job in Catholic Guardian Services

PROGRAM PURPOSE: Mentoring Internship Program is an initiative developed by a public/private partnership and is solely focused on improving employment outcomes for youth in foster care.
BASIC FUNCTION: The Mentoring Internship Program provides specific, specialized and targeted services that will help our young adults to achieve their career development goals. The MIP will give young adults an opportunity to develop their skills before moving forward with additional program participation and, ultimately, employment.
Recruitment, enrollment and training of young adults for the Mentoring Internship Program.
Work with off and onsite jobsites for our MIP (Mentoring Internship Program) to identify the appropriate internship placements that best fits our young adults
Conducting assessments with young adults to aid in internship placement
Recruit in-house supervisors from CGS department to train and mentor our young adults
Advise young adults on a college-bound track (or who have left college) to explore alternative vocational training or other career paths in line with their interests and skills.
Work hand in hand with our Youth Employment Services (YES) program to assist our young adult to identify their career goal and find internships that will provide training in skills to promote those goals.
Work to create community partnerships that can provide paid internships and pathways to employment for our young adults.
Provide our young adults with specialized training in financial counseling/empowerment this includes opening savings and checking accounts.
Ensure weekly case management is achieved through face to face contact, phone calls, emails and site visits. Maintaining adult connections, including the case planner and foster parent, in the lives of the interns will be involved in ensuring their success for a holistic approach.
Job Type: Full-time