Overnight caring, compassionate, and fun-loving caregiver Job in Koppelman Care

You will be a caregiver for a young adult with autism and a complex medical disease. We are looking for someone for overnights (6pm-8am) the nights of July 18-23 (6 nights). We are open to splitting the nights between two people. You will have a room to yourself in our house, and a shared full bathroom; if you wish you can spend time at our home during the day.
The person you will be taking care of is emotionally very young, verbal, kind, and sensitive. Their medical condition causes them a lot of pain. Consequently, you will have a profoundly compassionate personality with a deeply held sense of ethics helping a vulnerable person to achieve their potential while doing everything possible to limit their pain. You will spend some time having fun and bringing joy to the client by playing games, watching TV/movies, and being playful with the client’s stuffed animals. The more fun activities the better, subject to the client’s physical and emotional health.
Teachers with special education teaching experience may be well-suited to the role. This is an excellent experience for someone who is pre grad school / pre-med / pre PA / pre NP / pre PT / pre ABA. We will provide excellent references for applications. This job can also be a long-term position too, working overnights as needed.
This is an in-person position only.
Client references are available upon request from previous caregivers.
Bachelor’s degree (completed or in progress) required
Desired majors: biochemistry, biology, biomedical engineering, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, statistics, physics, other life sciences, other natural sciences, special education, psychology
Social, admin, and physical skills
Kind, conscientious, fun-loving and compassionate
Must be someone who the client will trust and respect, while also being fun to be around
Proficient in providing direct care such as assistance with ADLs
Strong written and verbal communication skills (essential)
Completely comfortable using technology, installing apps, adjusting phone settings
Reliable and punctual
Strong sense of ethics and honesty; must not intentionally leave client without care
Fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including boosters (now and in the future as recommended); fully vaccinated against the flu
Leads a very COVID-cautious lifestyle, including having living arrangements that are low-risk; given the client’s immunocompromised state, exercising significant caution with respect to COVID is of utmost importance
In good physical shape with strong physical stamina
Able to push an adult in a wheelchair
Is a non-smoker
Past experience:
0-3 years work experience, with relevant summer jobs / internships sufficient
Caring for someone with a disability (essential although it can be part time / summer)
Providing services for people with autism (essential although it can be part time / summer)
Organizing fun activities for and actively engaging with a client
Familiar with behavioral management / implementing a behavioral plan
Experience with autism (e.g., working at a summer disability camp)
Not required but useful: having been a teacher of students with disabilities
Job requirements:
Caregiving (~90% of the job)
Client is developmentally very young; need to interact with them like a young child
Help with ADLs, but *not* with lifting / transferring
Play games with the client / play with their stuffed animals with them
Engage with, provide structure to, and entertain client by reading stories, playing games, and other such activities
Put a smile on the client’s face : -)
Administer and document both scheduled and as-needed medication
Provide comfort and distraction when client is in pain (e.g., reading them a story)
Implement a behavior plan
Organize schedule including activities, ADLs, mealtimes
Contingency planning e.g., when the client has more severe / less severe symptoms
Assist with non-medical phone calls / email / text such as ordering takeout
Must consider client’s autism and immunocompromised state in planning activities
Administration and communication (~5% of the job)
Document care and liaise appropriately with family
Proactively surmount hurdles associated with autism for the client
Transportation and travel (~5% of the job)
Parking available; reliable transportation required
Valid driver’s license and clean driving record (no tickets, at-fault accidents, DUIs, etc.); a car will be provided for you should you need to provide transportation for the client
Cooking, meal prep, and clean-up
Hands-on training regarding details of ADLs
Two days of training with daytime caregivers will be provided before the job
Compensation & Benefits:
Hours: Monday July 18 – Saturday July 23 (6 nights), 6pm – 8am each overnight
Rate: $31.50/hour
Ethics and Values:
This job most of all requires kindness, compassion, conscientiousness and caring.
Safety must always come first.
You must never bully or take advantage of the client. This includes coming late, leaving early, or disappearing during the middle of the night, personal texting or using a smartphone for non-work purposes, neglecting the client, or physical or emotional abuse.
You will have a duty of care; you will need to do everything reasonably possible to protect the client from foreseeable harm. For example, by not sufficiently watching for potholes on the sidewalk, the client could be pushed off their wheelchair and injured.
You will learn a lot; you will inevitably make small mistakes, and when this happens you should simply acknowledge the learning and use it to improve, rather than getting defensive or reacting negatively with the client. Bullying when being given honest feedback will not be tolerated.
You must be willing to stay longer in an emergency, such as when the client has been taken to the emergency room. Extra pay will be provided for this time.
Provide notice when you wish to move on so the client is not abruptly abandoned.
OUR OBLIGATION TO YOU: We strongly believe in treating the provider with absolute professional courtesy, dignity, and respect at all times. The provider will be treated as a valued professional and we do not tolerate any kind of harassment or abuse.
Workplace conditions
The client is respectful, however because they are on the autistic spectrum they may frequently not understand that a subtle behavior may be irritating or vexing. The provider must be able to distinguish between behavior that is unintentionally bothersome versus intentionally hurtful behavior.
The client has NEVER physically hurt anyone or emotionally abused them!
There will be times when the client is in pain and is crying or is extremely bothered by something. It is vital that the provider be able to tolerate unusual behavior that is not intended to be hurtful, such as a brief unintentionally loud voice, getting hung up on a trivial detail, or being unable to focus on an activity.
Similarly, the client may not always be fully cooperative regarding an ADL but that too must be understood within the context of autism / medical illness.
If you have read every word so far in this job description, thank you! Attention to detail is vital in this position. We require someone who is conscientious. Your taking the time and effort to read this long job summary may indicate that you are the type of person we are looking for and we strongly encourage you to apply assuming that you meet the listed job requirements.
We want this position to be meaningful and satisfying.
Job Type: Part-time
Pay: $31.50 per hour
Night shift
COVID-19 considerations:The family practices vigilant COVID practices to keep the client safe; family member is fully vaccinated and boosted (twice). Candidates must agree to lead an extremely cautious lifestyle during the week of the job.
Application Question(s):
Please briefly describe your past experience working with people with autism.
Please briefly describe your past experience with direct caregiving.
Are you fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including booster?
Please briefly describe the precautions you and your household members take with respect to COVID-19.
Do you have a Bachelor’s degree, or are you in the process of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree? What is your major?
Work Location: One location

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