Wound Care Coordinator Job in Brooklyn Queens Rehab and Nursing Home

The wound care coordinator is responsible for management and coordination of all wounds through careful evaluation, observation, planning and implementation in order to achieve optimal outcomes and improve patient quality of life while working with interdisciplinary team adhering to facility policy and procedure for maintaining stand of practice and delivery of safe effective care. Must be able to assume leadership/ accountability for wounds. Must be able to identify necessary goals independently and implement plans to promote the safety and well-being of patients/residents and staff.


1. Must possess, at a minimum, a Nursing Degree from an accredited college or university.

2. Must have, at a minimum, 1 year(s) of experience in a long-term care facility, with prior wound care / treatment nurse experience a plus.

3. Must possess a current, unencumbered, active license to practice as a Registered Nurse in this state.

4. Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.

5. Must possess the ability to interact professionally with personnel, residents, family members, visitors, government agencies/personnel, and the general public.

6. Must be knowledgeable of nursing and medical practices and procedures, as well as laws, regulations, and guidelines that pertain to long-term care.

7. Must possess leadership and supervisory ability and the willingness to work effectively with and supervise other personnel.

8. Must be willing to seek out new methods and principles and incorporate them into existing nursing practices.

9. Must possess at a minimum basic computer skills.

10. Must possess in-depth and comprehensive physical assessment skills along with the ability to assess each resident holistically

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Will work in conjunction with the wound nurse team to accomplish the following

1. Assessment of all new / re admissions within 24 hours of admission, with the exception of evenings and holidays, during which the resident should be seen as soon as possible after admission).This assessment will include:

review of Nursing Admission skin assessment

review of Nursing admission Braden scale score

complete body / skin check

identification, documentation and staging of any / all actual wounds present

identification of the level of potential for skin impairment (new or further)

implementation of care plan for any / all actual wounds

implementation of care plan for potential for skin impairment

implementation of appropriate treatment for actual wounds and / or preventative measure as needed.

complete vascular assessment. Refer to MVP as needed

chart review (including documents from the transferring hospital)

2. Upon identification of any wound, ensure the following:

identification of type of wound (pressure, surgical, traumatic etc)

appropriate staging or pressure ulcers (stage 1 – unstageable / DTI)

Attending Physician is notified and appropriate treatments, supplements, pain management and diagnostic tests based on the Wound Care Protocol. All orders must include diagnosis. Treatment orders must include specific site in addition to diagnosis.

Ensure all orders pertaining to wound care are correctly transcribed

Completion of a care plan for each site

inform the resident and representative of the plan of care

4. Participate in weekly wound rounds with the Wound MD. Upon completion of rounds, the following must be documented:

all wound care plans must be updated, treatments and interventions must be reviewed and revised as needed

a weekly wound note must be completed, including the location, stage, size and description of the wound as well as any changes to the wound and / or interventions

If the wound MD is unavailable for rounds during any week, the WCC will still complete the weekly wound rounds and all required documentation

5. A weekly wound tracking report must be distributed to the IDC team (Administration, MDS, Nursing, Dietary and Rehab).The wound tracking record (see attached) must include stage, site, date observed, nature (nosocomial or community acquired), status (improving, healed, etc), current treatment and devices in use.

6. Track and complete annual competency evaluations for treatment pass with licensed nursing staff

7. Helm the weekly wound meeting during which the status of all wounds and investigations are discussed

8. Complete investigations of all new / nosocomial wounds as needed by:

assess the area as soon as possible after it is reported and initiate protocol for staging and care planning as described above for a new / readmission

Notify the physician and obtain ensure appropriate treatment protocol is initiated

collect and evaluate statements from staff and/ or resident

completing a chart review for comorbidities and possible causative factors

inform resident / representative of treatment plan

review findings with IDT during weekly meeting

Initiate inservices and / or disciplinary action as deemed necessary

9. Track and manage assistive / preventative care devices

10. Track and manage wound vacs. Review monthly billing statements for wound vacs

11. Track and manage consults and appointments relevant to wound care. Ensure all recommendations are carried out.

12. Ensure adequate and appropriate supplies are available to staff at all times (especially prior to weekends).provide as needed.

13. Ensure compliance with both DOH / state guidelines as well as facility infection control policies

14. Participate in and provide inservice training as needed

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